Mystical Highland Warriors — Trapped in the Valley of Tears

A young stu­dent of Scot­tish histo­ry, Cai­tr­io­na “Cat” Camp­bell, has to do rese­arch for an essay on Sam­hain. Her final desti­na­ti­on is the Val­ley of Tears in the High­lands, also known as the roman­tic town of Glen­coe, as well as the sce­ne of a 17th cen­tu­ry clan massacre.
Alt­hough she no lon­ger belie­ves in gre­at love, let alo­ne the myths of the past, the spi­rit of Dus­ten Mac­Do­nald tea­ches her some­thing different.
Dus­ten is impr­i­son­ed in the fai­ry realm and cur­sed. Only at Sam­hain is he allo­wed to show hims­elf to mor­tals in search of salvation.
This Sam­hain, Cat deci­des to help him. Howe­ver, she does not end up in the fai­ry realm as ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned, but in the 17th century.
The­re she meets Dusten’s past self. But how can she pre­vent the ine­vi­ta­ble from happening?


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