Mystical Highland Warriors — Trapped in the Valley of Tears

A young stu­dent of Scot­tish his­to­ry, Caitri­ona “Cat” Camp­bell, has to do research for an essay on Samhain. Her final des­ti­na­tion is the Val­ley of Tears in the High­lands, also known as the roman­tic town of Glen­coe, as well as the scene of a 17th cen­tu­ry clan massacre.
Although she no longer believes in great love, let alone the myths of the past, the spir­it of Dusten Mac­Don­ald teach­es her some­thing different.
Dusten is impris­oned in the fairy realm and cursed. Only at Samhain is he allowed to show him­self to mor­tals in search of salvation.
This Samhain, Cat decides to help him. How­ev­er, she does not end up in the fairy realm as orig­i­nal­ly planned, but in the 17th century.
There she meets Dusten’s past self. But how can she pre­vent the inevitable from happening?


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